Countersurveillance, building and travel security

Intelion’s countersurveillance services keep our clients’ conversations and data-related activities safe and secure. Companies and individuals are increasingly exposed to unauthorized monitoring and data-gathering. Intelion delivers comprehensive security audits of devices, spaces, and systems in any business or personal setting, including computers, mobile phones, IT infrastructure, and smart devices in offices, living spaces, and vehicles. We also examine email, online storage and social media accounts for vulnerabilities and manifest security breaches.

Intelion Guard offers a complete map of every wireless device in communication with a business or personal network, delivering the situational awareness our clients need to build more secure wireless solutions.

  • First, we map all access points and wireless devices present in our client’s office space. Near-real-time position monitoring allows us to identify unauthorized devices and access points, including those used for eavesdropping and data collection.

  • We then establish geofences around critical areas, where we monitor all activity and generate alerts on any suspicious use of network resources. We can also establish no-phone zones that greatly reduce the threat of digital surveillance in especially vital areas.

  • Intelion Guard can extend beyond the office to include mobile assets including off-site equipment and vehicles. Each item is equipped with a tracking tag that enables real-time monitoring of its location, tamper detection, and exposure to damaging conditions such as heat, water, and physical shock.