Secure storage

Intelion Drive delivers the same security, privacy, and anonymity of our email and messaging services to users who wish to store sensitive data in a convenient online space.

End-to-end encryption. Intelion’s servers never see our users’ files in an unencrypted format. In the unlikely event that an attacker gains access to our hardware, they will find it impossible to view the contents of any user file, to view or change their attributes, or to impersonate the legitimate owner. Our encryption protocol keeps encryption keys where they belong: safely on the client’s side, where they deliver industry-leading security without preventing authorized users from moving, renaming, adding, and deleting files as they wish.

Hardware-level security. Intelion Drive uses the same data centers as our email and messaging services, meaning that your data will be stored in a secure facility protected by biometric access restrictions. Full disk encryption and multiple-layer password protection prevent third parties ever from gaining access to your data.

No access to user data. As with our email and messaging services, Intelion never has access to any data saved by our users, nor to any personally identifiable information related to them. Because encryption is handled entirely on the client side, we cannot transmit data to third parties, and data remains secure even if our hardware is seized.