Secure messaging

Our commitment to security extends to messaging functions. You’ll get the same airtight security as our email service provides, and we never retain a single message or piece of identifying information.

End-to-end encryption. The Intelion Secure Messenger offers complete encryption using proven open-source cryptography libraries. Encryption keys reside in secure form on users’ devices, never on our servers, and users themselves manage key exchanges. This ensures that no one but our clients ever has access to decrypted message data. Along with traditional end-to-end encryption, we add a second layer of security covering the exchange of message data from each user’s app to our servers. This allows Intelion clients to use any network, including unsecured public wireless networks, while remaining safe from the threat of network-packet capture threats. Our comprehensive security architecture covers group messages, voice calls, status messages, and the transmission of any type of file, including video and audio. We make no provision for falling back on unencrypted communications at any stage.

No access to user data. Personally identifiable information like email addresses and phone numbers taken from users’ address books are completely hashed and anonymized, before they are transmitted to our servers. All information related to each message is retained only as long as it must be to compare information from the sender and the recipient. The moment an encrypted message is successfully delivered, it is completely deleted from our servers, along with all information related to its delivery. Key pairs are generated on users’ devices, never on our servers, leaving us unable ever to decrypt any user’s message, and we never log communication data of any kind.

Complete anonymity. We never require users to provide personally identifiable information—not when setting up their Intelion Secure Messenger accounts, and not when sending and receiving messages. The Secure Messenger app generates a random ID for each user, which is never logged by Intelion.