Secure email

We deliver a complete email solution, protected by a comprehensive suite of industry-best security protocols.

End-to-end encryption. Messages are encrypted at all points, from receipt to delivery, and are stored in encrypted format on Intelion’s servers. Because all messages are stored and transmitted as heavily encrypted files, at no point is your information exposed to the risk of interception.

Hardware-level security. Your data resides on our highly secure servers and is never stored in the cloud. Access to our Tier III and Tier IV data centers requires biometric authentication: third parties never have physical access to your data. Our servers use full disk encryption with multiple password layers, keeping them secure even in the unlikely event that our physical location is compromised or our equipment seized.

No access to user data. Our zero-access architecture means that Intelion never has access to your encrypted data. Your information is completely encrypted until your client-side machines unlock it with encryption keys accessible to you and you alone, on your own equipment. Our security architecture follows industry standards and is transparently documented, meaning that we are unable to share your data with third parties.

Full anonymity. We do not track user activity on our servers, and users may opt out of logging even the most basic personally identifiable information. Combined with our complete lack of access to our users’ encrypted email messages, this prevents us—or anyone else—from associating a given message with a given user. For users whose communications are especially sensitive—senior executives, legal professionals, public figures, and the like—we offer a completely anonymous email gateway.