Privacy and reputation protection

Intelion Aware is a comprehensive monitoring service that helps our clients protect their privacy, secure their reputation, and safeguard their assets. Our strategy addresses niche social networks, paste sites, and the dark web to protect our clients’ reputations from threats wherever they arise.

Early detection. We monitor all corners of the web, including the dark web, for indications of data leaks and doxxing threats. Doxxing is the practice of releasing personally identifiable information, including a person’s physical location, to the world. It is typically a group effort, and the pursuit and dissemination of personally identifiable information usually occur after the idea is discussed on fringe social networks and dark web channels. We constantly scour unindexed web forums, messaging apps, and dark-web marketplaces for indications that doxxing efforts are brewing, and for signs that data leaks may be imminent.

Emerging threats. Cybercriminals do their best to stay one step ahead of the precautions taken by most web users. The gravest threats to a given person’s security may not even be direct ones: combinations of SIM jacking and social engineering may target individuals by first compromising the security of people in their broader circle. Intelion Aware monitors the conversations of hackers on the dark web and other out-of-the-way channels to anticipate threats at their earliest stages, when they are easiest to expose and resolve.

Effective response. When our team identifies an imminent threat, we first alert the client and advise on the steps they can take to secure their online presence. We then work with law enforcement, corporate legal counsels, security experts, and our own law-firm partners to provide an effective, multi-channel response designed to stop data breaches and protect our clients’ reputations.